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The building itself had been vandalised over the years having had all the wiring and electrical supply stripped out. Whilst carrying out a detailed survey of the crane, Linian hired a large generator, installing some temporary controls and powered up the crane so that they could determine what parts did and didn't work satisfactorily. As expected there had been such deterioration of all of the component parts over the years of lying idle that it was necessary to completely refurbish the crane. However, the bridge beam and supporting gantry rails were still in good order. Tratos required Street hoists and so, the company purchased and supplied to Linian a completely new hoist unit. Linian designed and manufactured a completely new hoist crab unit to fit the existing non- standard rail gauge and to accommodate the new hoist unit within the tight headroom restrictions. Linian also manufactured replacement end carriages to a specific size and specification that would ideally suit the refurbished crane and its loadings and duty. The old hoist crab unit was taken down using a large hired-in forklift truck and then the crane bridge itself was taken down and placed on suitable bearers at floor level making it easier to work on. The old end carriages were removed from the bridge beams, Linian's new carriages were fitted and then the crane bridge was lifted back up and set down on the crane rails. The new Linian hoist crab unit complete with the new hoist was then lifted up and placed on to the crane bridge beam rails. Linian manufactured and fitted a complete new control panel using telemecanique component parts and replaced all old cables with new. Linian also fitted a new cross crane cable festoon power feed system and a new downshop protected conductor bar power feed system. The power feed systems and control pendant were supplied by Hamilton Powersafe Ltd. Meanwhile, a new electrical power supply was installed into the building and up the crane. When Linian's engineers were totally satisfied that all of the crane refurbishment work had been completed properly and to the required industry and safety standards the crane was fully tested and certified safe to use in full accordance with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998. Linian also provided training for Tratos staff in overhead crane operation, lifting and slinging and supplied them with suitable slings for lifting and handling the reels of cable. Ian Watson, managing director of Linian crane and hoist company, said "Tratos UK Ltd now has a completely refurbished high quality crane which in every respect is as good as a brand new crane and yet it has cost them a full 25% less".

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Due out in 2025 , the Neue Klasse platform will underpin a new generation of EVs , including some whose proportions will be different than what we're used to seeing from BMW. An electric motor requires less space than a four-, six- or eight-cylinder look at this website engine, so designers can give EVs short overhangs (as long as they take safety regulations into account) and a long wheelbase. However, most of the traditionally-proportioned models we already know and love, like the 3 Series and the X5 , will also move to the Neue Klasse platform during the 2020s, according to Automotive News . As of writing, BMW's core models are underpinned by two basic platforms: UKL and CLAR. UKL is found under front-wheel-drive cars such as the Mini Hardtop , the 1 Series hatchback and the 2 Series Gran Coupe . CLAR-based nameplates include rear-wheel-drive cars such as the 3, 5, 7 and 8 Series, plus the X5 and the X6 . Both can be configured with all-wheel-drive, and both can accommodate a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid powertrain. These guidelines won't change as the range shifts to the Neue Klasse underpinnings during the second half of the 2020s. By making it modular, BMW will be able to build a rear-wheel-drive 3 Series, an all-wheel-drive X5, a front-wheel-drive 1 Series, an electric sedan with twin motors, and a hydrogen-electric crossover using the same basic technology, and presumably on the same assembly line. As we previously reported , Neue Klasse-based models will be positioned in many market segments, ranging from mass-produced cars to high-performance M models. BMW's strategy is unusual; its peers and rivals are pouring a substantial amount of money into the development of electric-only architectures. Volkswagen can't power an MEB-based car with a turbo four, for example. As its name implies, Mercedes-Benz's Modular Electric Architecture (MEA) will underpin exclusively electric models. By boldly taking a different route, BMW will leverage the benefits of economies of scale and, in theory, end up with a simpler and more flexible production process. Whether EV sales grow or fall, BMW will be able to keep up with demand. Electric cars will represent about 50% of BMW's global sales by 2030, according to executives.